Meet Erin Taylor

Created on Wednesday, 25 May 2016



Hello there! I’m Erin Taylor, and I am thrilled to have recently joined the FishWise team as a Project Manager in the newly formed Distributor Division. I’ll be helping to support the division’s work by co-managing new and existing partnerships with seafood distributors -some of the most critical players for achieving progress in seafood sustainability.

I hail from the great landlocked state of Iowa, which is seemingly a paradox given my current engagement in marine affairs. However, I owe my initial passion for the oceans simply to the many aquarium visits made on various childhood family road trips. Knowing I wanted to pursue marine-focused studies, I traded cornfields for coast and transplanted to Boston. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Analysis and Policy with a minor in Business Administration and Management at Boston University, but not before bringing my aquarium-inspired journey full circle by beginning to work with the New England Aquarium in 2010. Through collaboration with both BU and the Aquarium, I focused all of my independent studies and grant-funded research on the oceans, with projects ranging from historic whaling in the Phoenix Islands Protected Area to chemical analysis of squid pens.

After graduating, I joined the Aquarium full-time as a wild fisheries specialist within their Sustainable Seafood Program. This role gave me the opportunity to dive head first into nearly every aspect of seafood sustainability – but the aspect I enjoyed most was collaborating with diverse stakeholders, from industry, to environmental NGOs, to policymakers, to scientists, to try to find viable solutions for often vastly divergent perspectives. This work helped me appreciate folks in the middle of the supply chain in particular, as they are so often key stakeholders for addressing tough sustainability issues, but they have their own unique challenges to balance. To this end, I am ecstatic to join FishWise to focus more specifically on serving this group and further advance the state of seafood sustainability with such innovative partnerships.

When I’m not studying fish, I focus on taking advantage of my new California residence to try to be a fish: whether it be scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, sea glassing, or good old fashioned swimming, as long as water is involved, I’m in.