Meet Jen Cole

Created on Monday, 25 April 2016


Hello FishWise readers! I’m Jen, one of the newest members of the FishWise team. I work as a Project Manager in the Traceability Division, focusing on improving business practices that protect human and labor rights within the seafood industry.

My passion for marine conservation began at an early age, when I would fish with my uncles and snorkel outside my family home in Guam. I then received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in biology from Stanford University, focusing my studies on kelp forest ecology and the social-ecological systems of small-scale fisheries. Inspired by the conservation work of organizations like the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, I began working in philanthropy where I advised foundations on how to maximize the effectiveness of their giving and work with their grantees.

My love for the ocean and the people connected to it brought me to my current role at FishWise, where I’m excited to work with such an inspiring group of people. I’m looking forward to helping FishWise and its partners support sustainability through environmentally and socially responsible business practices.