New tools to help you purchase responsible seafood coming to your local Safeway!

Created on Thursday, 19 April 2012

We just got good news from our partner Safeway the second largest supermarket chain in the U.S., that they recently released a suite of outreach materials nationwide to help customers understand their seafood policy and identify responsible options. A new “Responsible Choice” symbol and a seafood package insert are the two things we are most excited about. These materials will directly reach the customers’ hands and assist them in choosing sustainable products. 

The “Responsible Choice” symbol will appear on the Weekly Special ads to indicate seafood items that have met Safeway’s sustainability policy. In the future, this symbol may also appear as sign toppers in their seafood case, so keep an eye out for them! The package insert is a 3” x 5” flyer to be inserted in each package of fresh seafood purchased from the counter. It informs customers about Safeway’s sustainability goal and suggests a few eco-friendly options to try. These materials help communicate the significant work Safeway is doing to maintain its leadership role in sustainable seafood. 

Safeway Res_Choice_ad“Responsible Choice” symbol in this week’s Safeway Weekly Special ad.


Safeway package_insert

The package insert for each package of fresh seafood purchased from the counter.

What if you have further questions or would like to learn more? You can ask the seafood counter staff. Nationwide, all staff have been trained on sustainable seafood topics and have physical aids behind the counter to provide you answers on subjects like sustainability criteria, the definition of sustainability, Safeway’s seafood policy, contaminants in seafood, and what sustainable products Safeway currently carries.

The next time you visit your local Safeway, look out for these new materials! Another material that has been on Safeway counters for some time is the ‘Always a Good Catch’ brochure, use this and the other materials to help inform your seafood purchases. We encourage you to let us and the Safeway staff know what you like about these materials and share your thoughts on how they can be improved. Our goal is to make your decision making easier and enhance your purchasing experience. Your positive feedback is a way to support and maintain good business practices!