On the Docks with H&H Fresh Fish

Created on Thursday, 24 May 2012


It was a “healthy beautiful bay today” says local fisherman Hans Haveman as FishWise sat down to chat with him at the local Santa Cruz farmer’s market after his day of salmon fishing on the Monterey Bay. “Whales, birds and Dall’s porpoises were everywhere diving for schools of krill. Salmon were being landed with bellies full of krill and sardines.”

Hans, along with his partner Heidi Rhodes, own H&H Fresh Fish, a seafood vendor selling sustainable and local products based out of Santa Cruz, CA. What they don’t catch themselves they source from other local Santa Cruz fishermen or nearby sustainable sources. Upon obtaining a retail license several years ago, H&H began selling their seafood products at the local farmers markets. With customer recognition and appreciation for their fresh, local seafood, H&H has rapidly gained popularity and can now be found at 18 locations weekly from Monterey to San Francisco.

At their market stands they offer a wide variety of seafood selections including king salmon, halibut and seabass caught locally in the Monterey Bay. Ready-to-eat favorites such as smoked fish, Hawaiian-style poke, ceviche, sashimi, and cooked Dungeness crab meat (seasonally) can also be found at their market stands. They also offer a wildly popular fresh oyster bar. The seafood that they offer for sale is locally caught, processed, and hand selected for quality. “Sustainability first, local second,” describes Hans of his seafood offerings.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA, Hans is an ocean enthusiast, chef and commercial fishermen with over 30 years of experience in the seafood industry. Hans has worked on fishing boats from Alaska to California as well as in Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand. Growing up in and around the ocean has afforded Hans an environmentally responsible mindset and appreciation for our ocean resources. It has also shown him just how fragile our resources can be as he recalls declines in salmon populations in recent years and fewer available local fisheries to source from as fish stocks decline and management becomes more stringent. With concerns about our local resources, “sustainability has come naturally,” states Hans, and this has translated into the creation of an environmentally responsible business.

As an acting member of the Santa Cruz Farmer’s Market Board of Directors Hans strives to educate the local communities about the health benefits of seafood and the sustainability of the local fisheries. H&H prides themselves on their commitment to the environment, the community and to their customers’ satisfaction.

To show your support for local sustainable seafood and to find a market location near you check out the H&H market schedule. Also this season look for H&H’s Community Supported Seafood (CSS) program that delivers local, sustainable seafood to your doorstep weekly! To find out more about the program and it’s offerings visit the CSS website.