The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) is a global alliance for knowledge exchange and action to promote legal and sustainable fisheries through improved transparency in seafood supply chains. SALT brings together the seafood industry, governments and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to accelerate learning and support collaboration on innovative solutions for legal and sustainable seafood, with a particular focus on traceability–the ability to track the movement of seafood through supply chains. Visit the SALT website.


Over the last several years, many stakeholders have indicated a strong willingness to work together on seafood traceability, particularly those aspects that no group can solve alone. SALT will enable a wide array of stakeholders to clarify the needs, challenges and opportunities for improving seafood traceability and work together on those issues best addressed through collaboration and collective action. Through this process the:

  • Seafood industry can offer their experience and learn more about how traceability can help to improve supply chains, comply with import requirements, reduce business risk and contribute to sustainable fisheries.
  • Seafood-producing country governments can share information about their fisheries and learn about traceability techniques and practices that improve fisheries management, verify the legality of harvests and build capacity to manage fisheries sustainably.
  • Seafood-consuming country governments can share information about their seafood import regulations, facilitating enhanced compliance and more verifiable supply chains.
  • NGOs can share experience from pilot efforts in traceability and gain access to new stakeholders and collaborators, strengthen networks and enhance their abilities to achieve goals associated with environmental and social responsibility in seafood.
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