Press Release: FishWise Partner Sea Delight Announces Ambitious Traceability Policy

Created on Wednesday, 09 November 2016



Santa Cruz, California, November 9, 2016.  As part of its ongoing efforts to continuously improve the quality, integrity, and environmental responsibility of its seafood products, FishWise distributor partner Sea Delight has announced a new Traceability Policy. “Sea Delight has proven itself as a leader in sustainable seafood,” states William Wall, Distributor Division Director at FishWise. Their new Traceability Policy represents a significant step forward for the company and raises the bar for seafood distributors everywhere in terms of progressive seafood traceability commitments.

The Traceability Policy expands Sea Delight’s existing Sustainable Seafood Policy to improve traceability and social responsibility for all seafood products the company procures, and emphasizes continual improvements within its own business practices and throughout the supply chains that Sea Delight works with. Building off Sea Delight’s previous traceability achievements and its ongoing collaboration with World Wildlife Fund, the Policy also includes time-bound commitments to improving data collection, ensuring effective implementation of on-the-ground traceability improvements in various fishery improvement projects (FIPs), and engaging in multi-stakeholder dialogues to improve seafood traceability and encourage industry collaboration. Incorporating recommendations from the Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood, Sea Delight will provide annual public updates on its progress towards these commitments.

“This is such an exciting moment for our company,” says Adriana Sanchez, Sustainability Director at Sea Delight. “We are setting an industry-leading precedent among North American seafood distributors by publicly committing to work towards best practices in traceability, address critical issues such as legality and social responsibility, and engage our supply chain partners in collaborative and long-lasting improvements.”

Progress on Sea Delight’s traceability and social responsibility commitments can be followed at

About FishWise
FishWise is a non-profit sustainable seafood consultancy based in Santa Cruz, CA. Uniquely positioned between the seafood industry and marine conservation organizations, FishWise offers a range of services that create trust between seafood vendors and their customers, enabling businesses to sell more sustainable seafood. For more information, please visit

About Sea Delight
Sea Delight, LLC was founded in 2006 by Eugenio and Margarita Sanchez, the owners of ADS Seafood, LLC dba Atlantic Fisheries, as an initiative that sought to target the market of high quality frozen and fresh seafood products. Superior products, excellent customer service and our commitment to responsible business practices have grown Sea Delight, LLC, and its sister companies, into market leaders and international conservation specialists in the seafood industry today.

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