RISE to the Challenge: Improving Human Rights in Seafood

Created on Wednesday, 05 May 2021

Seafood Community

Businesses that buy, sell, produce, and harvest seafood are increasingly aware of the human rights and labor risks that millions of workers face. All businesses have a responsibility to proactively identify human rights issues and take steps to remediate them, as articulated in international norms and standards like the United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGP) on Business and Human Rights. 

To meet this need, FishWise created the Roadmap for Improving Seafood Ethics (RISE), two years ago to make it easier for companies to build supply chains that protect workers’ rights and well-being. Since then, the Roadmap has supported the seafood industry and non-profits in expanding sustainable seafood commitments to include labor and human rights improvements.

Today, FishWise announced an enhanced version of RISE to help companies navigate their social responsibility journey. Thanks to the support from the Walmart Foundation, RISE is a free resource tailored to meet the needs of seafood companies. It provides industry-relevant information and tools, coupled with connections to human rights experts to support implementation. Companies can use the Roadmap to identify and address human and labor rights abuses in their seafood supply chains.

The enhanced RISE platform features: 

  • Eight simple steps companies may take to build comprehensive social responsibility programs.
  • Detailed information on the three RISE Foundations of a strong seafood social responsibility program: Responsible Recruitment, Decent Work at Sea, and Worker Engagement. 
  • Best practices for assessing risk, remediating issues, building capacity with suppliers, and communicating company successes. 
  • eLearning modules tailored for retailers/brands, suppliers, processors, and producers to empower companies to get started or accelerate their journeys.
  • A self-assessment tool to direct companies to the most relevant information.
  • Tools for actioning the Monterey Framework, such as the Social Responsibility Assessment Tool for the Seafood Sector (SRA).
  • Direct links to a variety of tools and resources, including new tools that will be launched later this spring by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, FishChoice, and International Pole and Line Foundation.

The demand for responsibly sourced seafood is growing, making worker protection essential for maintaining consumer trust and supply chain resiliency. With millions of people working in seafood, businesses have a responsibility to ensure that their sourcing practices uphold human and labor rights.

Visit RISEseafood.org to learn more and take your next step toward social responsibility. 

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