Round the World in 26 Days – Bitung

Created on Wednesday, 23 January 2019

A final post in a 5-part series about Erin Taylor and Alanna Gisondo on their learning journey in Indonesia…

For the last stop on our traceability tour, we visited seafood processor PT Blue Ocean Grace International (PT BOGI) in Bitung, Indonesia – the tuna capital of Indonesia!

PT BOGI has digitized it data collection process from raw material through processing, packaging and shipping using TraceTales, a software program developed by MDPI. When the project is complete, the various technologies that we learned about – the vessel tracking system, Trafiz, and TraceTales – will all be working in conjunction with each other to provide full traceability for the tuna coming from Sangihe, as well as from additional sites in the North Maluku and Maluku islands.

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