SeaShare Provides Seafood to Those That Need It Most

Created on Wednesday, 18 November 2015



FishWise’s Traceability Division Director, Mariah Boyle, is raising money for SeaShare as part of her participation in NFI’s Future Leaders program. SeaShare receives donations of seafood products, processing services, transportation and packaging, as well as direct cash contributions. The organization combines these donations to create seafood products that are readily usable by food banks, soup kitchens, and food pantries. Nutrient rich, low-cholesterol protein is in short supply for people in need. SeaShare works to ensure that hungry families have access to the superior health benefits that seafood provides.

Our producer partner, EcoFish, proudly donates seafood to SeaShare. President Henry Lovejoy praises SeaShare as ‘a wonderful organization doing very important work’ and says EcoFish is proud to help support their efforts. “The sustainability of our local communities is just as important as the sustainability of our seas. Seafood is an important protein, and as the global population increases and more pressure is put on fisheries, it’s critical that we manage them for the future, so everyone can enjoy the health benefits.” We applaud EcoFish’s participation and encourage all our partners to participate. If you are interested in donating (and in supporting Mariah’s team!), visit the SeaShare donation page.