Supporting the Seafood Industry During COVID-19

Created on Thursday, 26 March 2020

Crab fisherNow, more than ever, we are hearing the call to work together in support of our community during this challenging time. We are inspired by stories of seafood companies joining forces across the United States and Canada to adapt and find seafood distribution solutions along the supply chain. FishWise is known to be a connector in the seafood industry, and our hope is that we can use our knack for connecting people and ideas to help fishers and farmers redirect their supply to new markets in North America.

For the past three months, seafood supply chains have faced logistical challenges like never before. From disruptions to global imports and exports, to restaurants closing and retail seafood cases shutting down completely, the seafood industry has experienced tremendous impacts. The situation continues to change on a day-to-day basis and the lives that depend on the seafood industry need all of our support. 

An Opportunity to connect

The good news is that an abundant seafood supply exists; we just have to help re-direct consumers to restaurants and companies providing pick-up and delivery services. To help shine light on regionally available sustainable seafood, FishWise is promoting seafood businesses across the nation. Starting with local and small-scale operations followed by larger suppliers and processors, we want to help support our community during this time.

Although many restaurants have unfortunately been forced to close, we encourage consumers to support those that are still offering take-out and delivery services. Look for local listings of restaurants that are still open near you. There are also many Community Supported Fishery (CSF) efforts, willing to deliver local and fresh seafood that provides a fair wage to fishers. Not only is this an easy way to access delicious seafood, but you can shop safely from the comfort of your home. By also supporting your local seafood market, you can also help bring tremendous support to a U.S. industry that is struggling. 

“We are fortunate to be an ‘Essential Business’ at this time in the community, and will continue to offer fresh, local and sustainable fish from our retail shop in the Santa Cruz Harbor, as well as our CSF program,” stated Hans Haveman owner of H&H Fresh Fish. “As the resident seafood buyers in the Harbor, we work with over 100 local commercial fishers out of the bay that bring our community some of the most beautiful seafood around,” he continued. “We will be doing all that we can to keep you healthy, safe, and your plate filled with fresh fish.”

If you are a seafood business, we want to hear from you. Tag FishWise or use #FishConnection in your social media posts and we will promote your efforts to help North Americans continue to access local seafood. Stay safe and be healthy. By working together, we will get through this and hopefully emerge even stronger and more connected.