Surf Market 3rd Annual Sustainable Seafood Festival

Created on Monday, 27 April 2015

IMG 0130FishWise had the great fortune of being invited to participate in Surf Market’s 3rd Annual Sustainable Seafood Festival in Gualala, located in Northern California’s Mendocino County. This hidden gem is just north of San Francisco on scenic Highway 1 and is home to migrating whales, jazz festivals, and on a clear day, the illusive ‘green flash sunset’.

The Sustainable Seafood Festival engages and educates the local community about sustainable seafood options. FishWise project managers Ethan Lucas, Marc de Giere, and FishWise intern Meg Songer spendt the afternoon fielding questions regarding sustainable seafood, helping children to create their own FishWise hats and coloring pages and inviting passers by to play FishWise’s educationally-themed beanbag toss game. Cooking demonstrations on how to prepare sustainably caught or harvested seafood items were also present at the festival. A fantastic time was had by all and we are eagerly anticipating the next collaboration with Surf Market.

Since 2006, Surf Market has partnered with FishWise to provide educational materials and sustainable seafood options to their customers. This partnership has allowed Surf Market to strengthen its commitment to sustainability and ocean conservation.

The FishWise retail program translates the best available fishery, aquaculture, and health science into a comprehensive program that results in improved sourcing, customer service, and sales. Member retailers communicate publicly their commitment to sustainability and transparency, and improve their product mix over time. They are often at the forefront of new product offerings and consumer education techniques, and demonstrate to larger and more conventional businesses that sustainable seafood makes good business sense.

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