Welcome Cora Sorenson!

Created on Friday, 16 September 2016


Greetings FishWise readers!

I’m Cora Sorenson, and I’m thrilled to have recently joined the fantastic staff at FishWise as a Human Rights Project Manager. My role here combines my two great passions of people and the ocean, as I contribute to FishWise’s efforts to support socially responsible seafood. I’m excited to have the opportunity to facilitate information and expertise sharing between FishWise and the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions to help businesses protect human and labor rights within their seafood supply chains.

My love of the ocean began as a child growing up by the beautiful beaches of Southern California, where dolphins, whales, and giant flocks of pelicans were common sightings. However, it took some time before the ocean became the focus of my career. I first pursued a career in social work, working with immigrant communities in New York City for many years before getting a Masters in Public Policy and focusing on ocean conservation. I had the fortunate opportunity to complete several internships in Hawaii, where I saw first-hand the integration of fishing with community, subsistence, and cultural practices. Those experiences gave me a true appreciation for the relationship between fishing and social well-being, lessons I apply in my work at FishWise. I have a long-standing commitment to addressing social well-being for populations impacted by poverty and inequity, and bring this people-centered lens to the inspiring work of FishWise.

Similar to other FishWise staff, I enjoy the ocean as much outside of work, and you will find me swimming, kayaking, paddling, and taking in fresh ocean air at every opportunity!