Welcome Michael Abowd!

Created on Tuesday, 08 August 2017

Michael joined FishWise as our Data Project Manager, focusing on evolving our custom database applications and reporting tools. He wasn’t always this nerd-like though. The intersection of music and computers fueled what became an infectious career that could only be explained as a fluke.  As a musician, he was an early adopter of the audio software technology, and passionate about reporting software bugs to the manufacturer which eventually got him hired as the Pro Tools audio software Support Manager at AVID Technology.  That’s where he developed his business application and database knowledge which led to him serving as their Global IT Director, overseeing 44 locations around the world. Later, he and his wife relocated to Santa Cruz full-time where he has been assisting various companies like CCOF and Universal Audio with their IT-related projects.

His love of the ocean began with surfing but didn’t really take hold until he witnessed the success of the Monterey Bay becoming a sanctuary.  In the beginning, he never saw whales, dolphin, or otters where they are all common sights today. The transformation was an amazing and powerful example of what a mind shift, backed by action, can do. Enter FishWise!