Welcome Michelle Beritzhoff-Law

Created on Friday, 25 August 2017

Hi FishWise Readers!

I am Michelle Beritzhoff-Law and I joined the FishWise team in August 2017 as a Project Director in the Retail Division.

I grew up in Los Gatos and spent a lot of my childhood in the ocean around Santa Cruz. I’ve been keen on marine science, and particularly fish, since an elementary school field trip to the San Francisco bay. Being on the water, looking at array of fish and plankton was amazing and I was instantly hooked.

Prior to joining FishWise I was an Auditor at MRAG Americas, where I learned more about the seafood supply chain and traceability. I worked for New Zealand’s Ministry of Fisheries and Ministry for Primary Industries, within their respective fisheries science and fisheries management teams and spent some time at sea as an observer. I have a BS in Aquatic Biology from UC Santa Barbara, and an MS in Marine Science from University of Otago in New Zealand. Through my career I’ve developed a passion for fisheries management, working with stakeholders, and developing pragmatic solutions.

I am excited to join the talented team at FishWise and look forward to working with retailers and the wider seafood industry to progress sustainable seafood solutions.