Building Responsible Seafood Supply Chains

Created on Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Be Socially Responsible

The stories are horrifying. The true cost of seafood connected to human rights abuses is no longer something that can be ignored. At FishWise, we believe that seafood can only be truly responsible if we amplify the voices of workers and advocate for better working conditions.

Imagine the face of a shrimp farmer named Kham Keow.

Kham Keow was looking for work to support his wife and three kids. He met a recruiter that promised work for him in Thailand at a shrimp farm. Fortunately for Kham Keow, the recruiter was globally recognized for ensuring best practices to prevent forced labor and human trafficking. When Kham Keow arrived at the farm, conditions matched what the recruiter promised. It was a safe environment where he was fairly compensated, and he and the other workers felt empowered and able to freely express ideas and concerns to their employer without any fear. Sounds like a better alternative to the narrative we have become accustomed to hearing, right?

Now imagine if you could make the story of Kham Keow possible for others? 

Whether you are a consumer, a chef, or a business, you have the power to support ethical, responsible seafood. Your seafood decisions have the potential to be part of the solution. 

For years, we have worked with our business partners and experts from around the world to understand and build tools to improve social responsibility. Most recently, FishWise created the Roadmap for Improved Seafood Ethics (RISE) to help companies take a step-by-step approach to implementing best practices to safeguard the health and well-being of all workers. The path to building ethical supply chain management can be complicated. Our team at FishWise is building innovative tools and resources to optimize the roadmap and we invite you to join us!

This week for National Seafood Month, FishWise is featuring stories that inspire solutions in social responsibility. Tag us in your seafood efforts that support legal and ethical labor conditions. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and learn more about how to #BeFishWise this Seafood Month and all throughout the year!