How FishWise is Helping Target Reach Their Corporate Responsibility Goals

Created on Thursday, 21 June 2012

This week, FishWise partner, Target released its most recent Corporate Responsibility Report. In this report, they update their progress over the previous year indicating “whether – and why – [they] are on track or in need of improvement for specific goals; state new goals and update reporting measures to match industry standards”. For seafood, Target’s overarching goal is to have 100 percent of their fresh and frozen seafood sustainable, traceable, or in a time-bound improvement process by the end of 2015. Their work to date with FishWise only confirms their commitment to the long-term sustainability of our oceans.

To establish a baseline for future progress and identify priority products for improvement, FishWise and Target have completed an initial round of vendor surveys, collecting in depth information around species, catch method and catch location for all seafood products. According to the report, Target is 40% of the way towards their goal of 100% sustainability, which is commendable considering the retailer’s size.

Next steps include working with existing suppliers to improve their sustainable practices and also seeking out new, innovative suppliers who offer products that already meet their sustainable seafood commitments. 

Look for more updates from FishWise as Target works towards it’s ambitious but achievable 2015 goal.